#TTC-2016|| DAY 18 & 19

Hope your week started off well. 

I had a great weekend. If you remember, I wrote here that I was going to be travelling. Sunday went pleasantly well even though I didn’t know I was going to spend so much time “out”. If we weren’t watchful enough, I’d probably would have missed my train. My return trip ended up being 13hours even though I thought it was 12. Actually much of a difference since I had to go straight to prepping for class as I returned. That did damage to the plans I had made-it was my mistake though. ?

I missed my day of thankfullness yesterday and I was sad for that ?

1. Receptacle of Wisdom. If you don’t already know, this is Damola’s blog where she does some aweome work?. We haven’t spent Yeeeeears together in this sphere but when I thought R, this easily came to mind cos truly, I’m grateful.

2. Roads/Railway: I mean? Since we don’t have wings to fly, since some distances are to short to fly to, since we don’t always get to fly even when we’re making 22hours journeys? I’m grateful for roads/railways.(KYIV)

3. Redemption/Restoration: I’m thankful for the love of God that won for me, wins for me; His love that brought/brings me back home, His love that gave it all for me to live again.

4.Routers: hehe 

5.Rain: Ok, I don’t like being or dancing in the rain at all! I don’t appreciate how messy things become outside when it’s raining. (I love the smell of rain on dry soil though-petrichor yeah?)but I understand the blessing that the rain is to me and to so many others and for that, I am truly, truly, thankful.

***********************MY S LIST OF THANKFULNESS************************
I truly can’t believe we are here!!! I remember when we were in the earlier days and S seemed so far away ? You may or may not guess right, the first item on this list:

1. SALVATION: I gave my life to Jesus Christ some years ago. What that means is that I am saved from sin, from guilt, shame, fear, depression, defeat, eternal death. Here on earth, I can live as an overcomer, a true light, a child of God. I can live by the help of the Holy spirit and win always. I am also sure that after this life, I will live forever with Christ.

2.. SUMMER 2016!!!: Of course, of course, of course. I’d say, I was in my realest element this summer. I wish I could break it down for y’all. It was a good time. A number of things were defined for me this summer. My friends graduated, I got to extern, even though I dislike being under the rain, I once had a rough day which eventually ended with me getting seriously beat by the rain. I was at the verge of doing the “REALLY????!!!” when I decided to dance my way home-in the rain. It was great. I travelled a little bit, I got deep insights that led to great write-ups (which I’m doing my best to work on-not by best, yet). I finally chose a medical specialty, I visited new places and learnt amazing history, I took walks, risks, and went on some not-so-regular adventures ??, I had new, deeper, experiences with God, I stayed a while with my friend, Temi ❤️, I RESTED!!! I stayed on my own quite for a while after leaving her, I unintentionally pissed off some friends ?. I didn’t get it right althrough neither did I have it right all the time but it was great and I am so grateful. I blogged everyday through August and some parts of Septemeber, set new goals and…

3. SIBLINGS/SISTERS: Yaaaaaaaay!!! One of the greatest set of  people I’m growing old with. I have biological and adopted sisters and I’m grateful that the line dims more rapidly than you’d know.

4.SHORTCUTS: Now, not all shortcuts are good but I’m grateful for the shorcuts in terms of routes or lifehacks that have saved me alot.

5. SEASONING: heheeeee…. maggi/knorr for the win!(not the crayfish versions). I love me my Nigerian seasoning.

I’m grateful for seasons, for songs, for salt, for sunshine, success, service, sports…

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  • Is there a way you can enable the comments directly on the WordPress app? I don’t know but it doesn’t work..it said API calls to this blog has been disabled

    Anyway, I am grateful most especially for roads/railways..since I got to Europe making moving around a lot easier and cheaper. And Yayyy!! You are grateful for my blog, thanks for all your support and encouragement

    • RuthsBlog

      I certainly am grateful for your blog indeed. SO true about the ease and affordability of transportation in this part of the world; safety too. On your site? Do you use jetpack plugin?

      • I am referring to yours..

        • RuthsBlog

          Aha! ? I’d check it out. Thank you!

  • Good to know your trip went well. I really like how your thanksgiving list expresses more about you. I could totally envision your summer 2016 😀 Such wonderful items here! And I’m thankful for them all. Nice catching up! And hey, I’m thankful for Ruth! 😀

    • RuthsBlog

      ??Awwww….thank you so much. Thank you!!!