Today, I’m thankful for

1. Time
2. Tosin: Soul sister ❣️

3. Teachers: I’ve had my share of GREAT teachers. I’m thankful for teachers that shaped my life (un)intentionally for good. I’ve had my share of teachers who went over and beyond. Thank you!

4. Transportation: Oh my! Even though trek begins with a T, I am so thankful for the modes of transportation that I’m privileged to have access to.

5. Truth!!!: When I began to experience the part of scripture that says, “Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”.(Jn. 8:32), I never took truth for granted. I seek for truth with my heart and I make sure I dance as I experience freedom.

6. I am thankful for The Think-Thank-Challenge; yeah, I’m grateful for TTC-2016 that charged me to be intentionally thankful in a creative way. I’m thankful that I get to ponder and then, thank truly…


I’m grateful for the television ooooh!!!

Share with me, what you’re grateful for.

Peace and love,

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  • Transportation! Teachers! So thankful for these and the rest of your list. Lovely picture dear. We’re almost at the end! Yay!

    • RuthsBlog

      Thank you!!!

  • toeseen

    eek! I’m on the ‘T” list guys! A list of thankfulness! *skips away*

    • RuthsBlog

      ??? You visited on a good day