#TTC-2016|| DAY 21: MY “U” LIST

Guuuuuuuuuuys!!! You won’t believe it! The Think-Thank-Challenge is seriously almost over ? I must admit, I look forward to sharing my list with y’all every day. I think of Christmas and I’m like?? by Christmas, it’d be only one the left.

Here’s a list of things I’m thankful for that begin with letter U

1. Understanding: If you do not love and appreciate understanding be it understanding in terms of your academics, the Word of God, or in relationships, you’d learn of its value in its absence. I’m grateful for the understanding that God has given me in all areas. I am thankful for the understanding He let me get especially when people or situations were unexplainable.

2. Umbrellas: I’m thankful for them. Even though lots of them can *fall your hand* by packing up, I’m grateful for all the times they were just the best friend you needed. 

3. Unity: Like understanding, (and almost everything else in life, actually)g, if you don’t appreciate this while you experience it; you’d understand it’s value in its absence. Since my conscience isn’t seared, I can imagine the heartbreak if my home was an earthly hell fire, if my classroom or relating with my classmates was like trying to interact with hungry, pissed off lions. See what happens in church, in our little communities and sects, in homes, nations, groups when we are disjointed and keep hurting each other. 
How about God? The Almighty, the sovereign One. I am thankful for the unity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

4. Underwear: Seriously. You don’t want to get me started with listing stuff and explaining why but I am!

5.Uncles: Ok, I love my uncles, they love me and I’m thankful for that. However, this is not the exact reason why this is on the list. I just remember the times I call my dad and he says, I’m with my brother or when he said, I asked- for his help or, when my mom spends hours? on the phone with her brother, or sends me a message because she is worried about anyone of them. My heart feels melted with joy that my parents feel that bond, love, to their brothers. It isn’t rosy all the time. Trust me but I am so thankful that my parents have the privilege of their brothers/siblings. This sort of means more to me than the love they(my uncles) have for me. 

Share what you’re thankful for and let’s keep giving thanks and keeping a positive attitude. 

Lots of love!


*fall your handIf something or someone falls your hand, it/they disappoint you.

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  • Underwears! So essential! 😀

    • RuthsBlog

      I know!!!? Some I can’t just do without-no substitutes ?