So, today, I’m grateful for the following things:
1. VICTORY: Nothing sounds, smells, tastes better than the victory that God gives. Knowing that I am a winner because I serve a living God to whom all victory belongs is the reason for my peace and hope.

2. Vacations: I’m THANKFUL for vacations!!!
3. Vehicles:  I am so thankful for vehicles of all sorts. SO thankful
4. Vlogs/Videos: Especially those that have not left me the same but have been channels for my positive transformation and development

5. Veins: Especially intact veins and how their structure means a lot to us…

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  • Truly thankful for vlogs/videos that has made an impact in my life…and vehicles especially now…if not all we will do is trek

    • RuthsBlog

      ???I don’t even want to imagine that ???