It’s been a beautiful season of thanksgiving. I pray that I(you) live a life of continuous thanksgiving; less worrying, no more pity parties but joy and strength that comes from thanks living. May God’s force be with you.


  1. Water: I am thankful for the gift of water that does more than I’m ready to enumerate.

  2. Wisdom: This is a gift of/from God and I am thankful for wisdom that enables me make the right decisions, give the best counsel, and live rightly. If you lack wisdom, ask God who gives FREELY; believing without a doubt that He hears and answers YOU.

  3. Wealth: Wealth could be a force for good or evil. I believe that God gives us the power to make wealth (Deut 8:18) that we might fulfill His purpose for our lives (bring glory to His name by using it for good)

  4. Waiting: This is obviously not the easiest of processes but there is a blessing in waiting and there are lessons, reasons, for waiting. If you are in a process where you are seriously waiting for something, if you believe(d) it is God’s will, hang in there. 

  5. Winning: See, I might beat myself up for so many things BUT, through Jesus, I have beat a lot of things. I have beat small habits/attitudes that were chipping away good character; I have beat death(literally), brain tumor, and a host of other medical diagnoses. Every day that I choose Joy in Jesus, I beat depression and pain; every moment I choose to trust in God rather than my inadequate self, I win over worry and despair. Every time I believe in the truth, another chain is broken. You see, I boast not in myself or of myself (cos if you’ve been reading, you’d know that I am so inadequate, I fall so short and I’d never be enough on my own); I WIN in Jesus and I’m thankful for all the wins.

  6. The WEAPONS of my warfare: My praise, prayer, the Word of God, being in a community of other believers, Worship

    *I am thankful for the weather; thankful that no matter what, there’s fall and summer ?

    *I am thankful for WALLS that keep me in and harmful walls that have come down

    *I am thankful for WEAVONS; common now!
    *Weird faces.


    *Weekdays and Weekends
    What are you grateful for???

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