I’d start off by saying, I wanted a white Christmas. This was the first time I had that wish. I never got what people felt when they spoke or sang of a white Christmas.
Some weeks back, I experienced some calm, beauty in the unstained white snow and I knew that whatever Christmas meant to me, I wanted to wake up to a morning in snow but then for a while now, the snow receded…

It was a good Christmas. For more than a moment, I missed my parents, sisters, and all those who surround us. For a moment, I missed being the “little girl” that would have to run errands because someone asked me to. I miss that 12 o’clock “Happy Christmas” smile on my mum’s face.
It’s the 6th year I’ve spent Christmas without them and the 6th year I’ve stood together with other wonderful people.
Together, we are growing and learning how to receive the love of God and give the love of God. It was a good Christmas because I have family here. We’re adulting together ? There are no big or small errands; we do it together. There’s no one waiting for a gift; we share amongst each other. We take responsibility for who we are and keep carrying the cross that comes with immeasurable joy.

We had an AWESOME family service. We thanked God through a session of praise and 
prayers. We had a moment of meaningful insights on Christmas; from its origin from saturnalia to what it means to us today, it was a great session. My pastor’s wife had us sing this remix of the 12 days of Christmas and it was so funny because it was more relatable? We loved it. 
We had good food. Can I just stop there? We are Africans and you know we don’t do this carelessly 

Christmas reminds me that all through the year, we have a gift that has unified us, redeemed us. A gift who is the great equalizer. I am reminded of love, of humility, of integrity, of hope, life, truth: qualities that I should live by and build this life I have with.

I am not for myself. I hope I remember what truly counts at the end of the day and bear it in mind every step of the way

I pray you know what truly counts at the end of the day and bear it in mind every step of the way.

This is my wish, that peace would find it’s way to every boy and girl
That love would be a song that everybody sings

Love and Peace


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  • Olaitan Bobade

    Lol @ we’re Africans and we don’t do it carelessly. Quite relatable. Maybe someday, I’d experience a white Christmas. Merry Christmas. Hope you had a good one.
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    • RuthsBlog

      ??I hope so too and on like me, I hope you don’t take 6years to appreciate it. Merry Christmas, darling. I had a good one. We don’t have a break so it’s back to business already