Christmas Day in this part of the world is January 7th but I’ve been in my first home long enough to mark Christmas today. It is a good day to remember the light of God, Jesus, that lit me up and made me(you) a light, a redeemed wonder… 
It’s a good day to remember that God sent His son so that if you and I believe in Him, we would be reconciled with the father and have eternal life. 
I am grateful for the joy and love that comes with Christmas. I pray that the Spirit of joy and love will remain.

Today, the first thing I am grateful for that begins with Y is

1. YOU: This is because you are a living miracle. You are not an accident but someone made for a beautiful purpose. I am grateful that you have survived and made it to this day; I am even more grateful that because you are still here on earth, you can make good choices and be all that God has created you to be. You are not my competition. You are my neighbour and I love you.

2. YOUTH: For the experience and strength present in my youthful age. I pray that I make the most of it and remember God through these days

3. YESTERDAY: For the blessings and lessons present in yesterday; for the victory of yesterday that brought me into today, for the laughter, the songs, the love, the hopes; yes, the lessons, the error, the tears. I am learning not to dwell on yesterday because better days are coming. Still, I am thankful for yesterday.

4. YOKEs in my life that have been revealed and broken

5.the YEAR: I am thankful for the years past, this year, and the years to come

6. YEAST: Yes! Yeast. If you bake and you’ve used good yeast, boy! don’t you love the wonders it does?

7. YES: There are quite a number of times I have said yes for reasons I’d never regret; a number of times God and man have said yes to me ?

What is Christmas to you? How are you marking this year and what are you looking forward to?

LOve and light.

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  • Merry Christmas dear!! It has been such a busy day but I just had to check at least one post before I head to bed..it was also a white Christmas here

    • RuthsBlog

      Yaaaaaaaay! I can only imagine. I guessed as much when I didn’t see your post for 25 especially since you’ve been an early bird. I hope you had a really good one. Please take good time to rest well. Merry Christmas to you!