???Finish line?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Today is the last day of the 26-days think-thank challenge!!!

It has been a wonderful experience and I’d miss blogging on this. I’d do my best to be intentionally thankful to God every day.

Here’s my final list of thankfulness using the English Alphabet

Zippers: The wonders they do in our clothing
Ziplock bags: For all the times I’ve used this for the preservation of food, coins, other items, or as an improvised piping bag.
Zeal: to pursue that which I ought to be pursuing especially when circumstances(my state of mind or other external factors) are not favorable
Zaria: Because this has been home to a number of my loved ones
Zoos: A number of people condemn zoos because they feel animals should be left to dwell freely in their natural habitats. I am thankful for zoos because it has given me the opportunity to see more creatures than I could have if I was meant to visit their natural habitats. I have learned to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of different spp.
Zebra Crossings: I’m such a Queen when I step on it. In my mind, I tell all the drivers, “WholluP” ??

It has been a ride of thankfulness and we shouldn’t stop here at all.
Cheers once again, to everyone who partook in this challenge. I commend your consistency.

May the fullness and abundance that comes with gratitude be yours now and forever.

Signing out of TTC-2016,


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  • Yayyyy!! We did itttt

    And don’t think I can forgot about those posts you were meant to write on

    • RuthsBlog

      Lol!!! ???? I’d work on them. We did it indeed!

  • Yay! Glad we made it! Thank God for the grace to continue. I’m thankful for ziplock bags as well. 🙂 Sorry my limited network hindered me from commenting then.Thanks for your support dear <3

    • RuthsBlog

      We did. No problem jare. I’ve just been so “lazy” ? Skipped reading feedbacks. Thank you too for all you do.