I love endings to be sweet, to be clean, to be full of accomplishments. Just like beginnings, I prefer for things to be properly put in place: from laundered clothes( an empty laundry basket that is) to school courses successfully completed, to intentional goals or lists written down or ticked off, the in between is very wide indeed.

The year is coming to an end. It’s the bigger ending. Through the year, like you, I have faced beginnings and endings EVERY SINGLE DAY and it means as much to me as the bigger ending. I have faced the challenge of setting goals and working towards them. I have faced the challenge of motivating myself when I’d have otherwise been discouraged. Every day brought with it, the opportunity to choose to let God work through me. For the most part of the year, I tried to do stuff on my own. I tried so much to be better. I more often than not failed at it. It was so exhausting, discouraging to be moving forward yet not moving forward.

Nevertheless, I am still hopeful for a life where I live every day on purpose. I desire a life of worthwhile discipline, of laughter and great intention where I live every day in the Spirit…

What are you looking forward to being? Not necessarily for the New Year; more like, for a lifetime.


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