I’m going to do a dance after this post because, God, we did it!!!!
✅Goals for 2016 accomplished. 
By God’s Grace, with your love and support, and some determination, I was able to stick with the Tuesday and Thursday posts.

The truth is, I did more than I thought I could. Thanks for the push, thanks for coming back here…

There are so many things I’m grateful for blog-wise.
Finances: In the course of this year, I moved from a self-hosted site to a Bluehost hosted site and that surely cost me. I got the camera and other associated gadgets in respect to this blog by God’s Grace. Subscriptions here and there, God has been faithful. 

Stories, places, people: I‘m thankful for the places I visited, talked about, read about, dreamed about that made it to the blog. I am grateful for great people and people who had ugly days that influenced what I blogged about
Freaders: If you read my blog and you don’t already know, you’re called a freader. I coined the word (f) representing friends and family and readers. Everyone somehow falls into at least one of this categories ? I am sincerely grateful for you.
Challenges: I am grateful for every challenge that made me grow.
Motive, Means & Opportunity: (I’ve watched a number of crime-related programs.?)
Motive: I’m grateful for the constant and changing reasons why I hit the publish button on any post.
Means: I am grateful for the means as well: a device with a keypad, light, internet service, a means for photography.
Opportunity: I am so grateful that I had time to publish posts. There were days I hit the publish button at 11:59 pm but no matter what, I am grateful for the opportunity to blog and the various places I get to share my words/photos: WordPress, twitter, Instagram, blog lovin’, and facebook.
Bloggerinspiration: Special shout out to these ones who have inspired me from a distance or up close with their

Patricia Bright’s Vlogs!!!?
Damola Adeyanju ❤️
Dainty M?
Diana M?
Cassie Daves?
I hope to read more of Afoma in the coming year!❤️
I love the Grace that comes with Grace Alex ?❤️

These ladies are great at what they do and I’m blessed to have gotten more than a thing or two from them.

If you follow me on twitter, you’d be aware that I announced a NO-BLOG-POST-JANUARY… This MAY extend to mid-February (hopefully not). I hope to return better and serve more consistently.

I love y’all and I’m grateful to have shared this space with you.

I wish you a triumphant entry into the year 2017 and I pray that you win, always.

God bless you some more.


Signing out of 2016,
Ruth Diyan’ Ebe.

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  • Thanks for the mention!!?
    Thankful that we can see this new year
    Enjoy your ‘break time’ Happy New Year!!

    • RuthsBlog

      Yes, dear!!! Thank you so much. Happy New Year.

  • Awww, thank you Ruth! Can’t wait for you to return! <3

    • RuthsBlog