Every part of Jesus’ life spent on earth is so full of/rich with deep significance.
Every time of reflection on the life of Jesus from prophecy to birth, to death, to the resurrection, and ascension, reveals truth, glory, power, freedom, like never before.

A brief moment of reflection this afternoon left me with this:
He understood His business. He acutely understood and yielded to God’s will = His purpose, at every point in time.
Jesus did not say, “I’d die and rise again so what’s the point of performing these “smaller” miracles?” 
He did not obsessively lean into or get lost in all the miracles He performed or the sound doctrines He preached. In fact, when the disciples came back rejoicing that they had cast out demons in His name, He gently brought them back to the crux of the matter; the one thing that was very important: that their names had been written in the book of life. (Luke 10:17-20)

He didn’t lean into His past “accomplishments” and say, “LORD, there’s no reason for me to die. Look at it, people now believe, sins are being forgiven, and oh!, even if I come back home to you, there are people who would preach the gospel, heal the sick, and even die for the gospel.”

When it was time for Him to go through that torturous, dehumanising, humiliating experience, He didn’t say, “Lord, I have a reputation to keep. I have a name to maintain. What would these people say if, after all these great works, I suffer and die?” “Wait, Lord, people are now calling me KING, they are finally getting it…”

I might not know how heavy His heart was, I might never fathom the burden He carried knowing that for the first time ever, He was going to be detached from the Father while being brutalised by the ones He loved and came to save. 
I would never comprehend what Jesus did, or fully comprehend that victory He kept His eyes stayed on. What I know is that regardless of what He felt, knowing that the will of God was that the sons be reconciled to their Father, Jesus still said, “…however, not my will but Yours be done.”

WOW! It is such an honour for me to be submitted, surrendered, to this man!
It is such a privilege to worship the living God; to experience love and be freed by the One who is in all, PERFECT.
Happy Easter, folks.

What part of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, resonates with you especially in this season? 
I’d love to know so feel free to leave comments in the section below.

Love and Light,

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  • I am so glad you are back here Ruth..
    Happy Easter to you too
    Jesus’ humility means so much to me, he could have anything said he did not want to do it again but he chose to go through all that humiliation at the hands of people he had created, people he was much more powerful than. His depth of love and sacrifice is amazing, much more than I can understand

    • RuthsBlog

      I agree with you, Damola. Who He is is just THE blueprint we need to live. He’s truly the embodiment of humility, sacrifice, and love. I’m glad to be back too. I didn’t plan that but here we are and hopefully, here to continue.

  • This was some deep musing right here. I never saw the death of Jesus in that light. Indeed, He could have been carried away with his celebrity status at that time and stall on the dying part. Thank God for Jesus! Happy Easter in arrears Ruth!

    • RuthsBlog

      Right? Same way I felt when I had that understanding. Thank God for Jesus, really. Happy Easter, love. May that power continually be at work in your life. Looots of love.