Hi, lovelies,
If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, I’d be reviewing some relatively new albums that have been a tremendous blessing to me. 
First off, I’m one person that can never really pick out a favourite song, a favourite artist or album, etc because I experience each song as a unique and highly transformational ministration. In the moment of listening, however, there are some songs that resonate more with me at that time. There are some whose meanings get clearer with time, as I have more experiences, while others come as I spend more time with God. It hits me not as an experience this time around but as a deep, divine, revelation.

I’d take these reviews one at a time/week. I’d have done a summary of all 4+ but it’d be one lengthy post. 

In times like this, I wish I’ve already kicked off vlogging (I haven’t thrown that off my list). 
I feel it’d be a lot easier talking about this than writing it out but this has to be ok for now. I said this year is a very redefining year for me so I’d have to take on some things a lot more gradually.


Let’s take a look at the albums currently on the list to be reviewed, shall we?
1. CECE WINAN’s “LET THEM FALL IN LOVE”– Yaaaaaaaas!!! It’s a 10-track album featuring The Clark Sisters, & Love Fellowship Choir in No. 3 & 8 respectively
2. SOUNDS OF REVIVAL II- William McDowell– *Deep sigh* 
3. HOW CAN IT BE?- LAUREN DAIGLE: I’d be reviewing the Deluxe Edition. I looove deluxe editions for all the juicy, spirit-filled, extras they contain. 
4. ONE WAY- TAMELA MANN– *Holds hand to the chest; the other to the sky* I honestly don’t know how I missed this album, honestly but thanks to Damola’s post on “God provides”, I listened to that track and eventually, the entire album.


 This is room for more and that list is endless ? I currently have AUDACITY OF A GOOD HEART by ROB HILL, Sr in mind.  It’s a spoken word album that I resonate with. To me, this album is ?.
(I forgive you if you don’t know I love and make poetry ??)

There are way too many albums I could talk about. Too many songs at work in my life but one step at a time. I’m not sure if album reviewing would be something permanent but I am certain I’m to go on with these.
(In case you were wondering, Yes. I’m back for good)

What’s your thought on more album reviews? How do you experience songs? Are you a genre specific kind of person?

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