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As promised, I’m reviewing Cece Winans latest album: Let Them Fall In Love.
Cece is a phenomenal worship minister who has produced albums alongside her siblings. It’s a family thing and they surely lead us to the throne room.

Let’s get down to it:

  1. Never Failed Me Yet: She takes us on the journey that reveals how the words she believed as a little girl became her very own testimony. From believing when others said “God never fails”, she went on to have her own “wilderness experience”. These are the moments of trials, darkness, and the choice to either give in to God or submit to the world.  The peak in this song for me is when she testifies from a personal conviction this time around saying, “That old time phrase, now mine o’ mine, He’s never failed me yet” There’s a difference between knowing something, believing it and personally experiencing it. It gets more powerful with each progression and this song is the powerful experience of a God who never fails. I pray that this is your testimony all day because truly, HE HAS NEVER FAILED.

  2. Run To Him: Clapping, swaying your head from side to side, snapping your fingers. That’s what you’d find yourself doing as you listen to this song. It points out who God is to us. He is the pillar that stands with us, the God who would be forevermore, as He was yesterday and today. As she beckons us to come to Him, she keeps on reaffirming that she would run to Him for His living water. We all should. This is the place of real life.
    (Surrender, trust)

  3. Hey, Devil!: The Clark Sisters are featured in this power song as territory is marked in the name of Jesus. This has the AMAZING feel of music from the 90’s so bring your dance moves or borrow one from Will and Alfonso of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The beat reminds me of the intro for the 1970 TV show, Dan August. You can’t listen to this song and still be depressed. It reinforces the authority of anyone who believes in the power and calls upon the name of Jesus. Get up and kick out that devil, yo!
    (victory, reign, authority)

  4. Peace From God: This has a relatively solemn flow. This is for all the times of trouble, regression, pain, fear, sorrow… For any kind of trouble, Cece prods us to “take a little peace from God”. She goes on to say it’s yours for the taking. All you need to do is ask to experience the peace of God. Song #1 says, “Never Failed Me Yet” How about you get your testimony?

  5. Why Me?: It begs the question of what we’ve done to know God’s love and kindness. Honestly, like me, she goes on to sing that she has wasted that which was given to her and cries out for help knowing that we are redeemed and “put right” by God and He alone.

  6. Lowly: My o My: This is an understanding from Luke 12:13-21.
    WHOEVER you are, you must humble yourself before God. God has no dealings with anyone who is puffed up and keeps holding on to stuff. He is not a respecter of persons. Whoever understands this would sing this song in the moment dancing and smiling but if you have lots of stuff you’re unwilling to lay at God’s feet…

  7. Never Have To Be Alone: The beat drops in this one again. It’s like a mirror of song #1. This is for those alone moments when you might be surrounded by people yet, the issue(s) at hand is not something anyone else but you can bear. It is for that time when there’s a raging storm that no one else can understand or experience no matter how much they want to or the times when you could use a friend but no one is in sight…The truth you should believe to make it all peaceful is that as a believer, you are NEVER alone. The God of all creation stands with you and even though His Word will suffice, He has a mighty army around you too. Close your eyes. Remember He never left, He never fails.
    (faithful friend, companion, testimony)

  8. Dancing In The Spirit: Yeah right!!! Get those dancing shoes back on. This is Cece together with Hezekiah Walker’s Love Fellowship Choir. I like to see this as a faith song. It is much more based on WHO GOD IS than what we have seen Him do or what prayers we feel He has answered recently. As believers, we are to praise God not just for what has happened already, but for the great God that He is. Our spirit knows for a fact who He is so whether there’s doubt in our mind or affliction in our physical bodies, let us lean all the more into the Spirit and DANCE!!!
    (faith, praise)

  9. MARVELOUS: This rather solemn gospel that lets us lift up not just our hearts but hands in solemn worship for the wonders that God is doing. *Deep sigh* Words can’t convey the reverence for God that I have. This song is a believer’s attempt in showing God how much we acknowledge the wonders of His works of which we are a part of.
    (testimony, praise)

  10. Let Them Fall In Love: I’m tempted to say this is the most powerful song on this album. I never got it like I get it in this moment (I’m listening as I write). Jesus! I see the kind of heart Jesus wants every Christian to have. He first showed this to us on the cross when He prayed for those who persecuted Him. Cece prays this prayer and this is what our hearts should be towards unbelievers. This is a place of intercession, a place where we are not asking for more money, journey mercies, prosperity, good health, etc, but that the hearts of children would be reconciled to the Father. I wish I could explain what I’m experiencing and learning from this but if you are a Christian reading this, remember you are not saved to be comfortable or satisfied so you could judge others. We have the Spirit of Christ in us and if it is so difficult to pray for sinners, to love them, to witness to them, we should ask what stuff we are holding onto cos it certainly isn’t Christ.
    (love, mercy, salvation)

    Cece Winans in “Let Them Fall In Love (2017)”, used a mix of genres to deliver the gospel: hope, salvation, repentance, truth, forgiveness, and victory. This album would remain a classic because, like many others, the breath of God is on it.

    You can purchase this Album from various music sources: iTunes, Amazon music, Google play, Spotify, etc.
    What are your thoughts on this album and my review?

    You can sample the album or purchase it by clicking on this cover below.

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