Leaning in is a NO! NO!

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As you’d read at the end of this post, I learned this lesson again…

First of all, I am called to have a relationship with God. (Let that sink in)
There’d be lots of victories and lots of days where it seems like I’m losing…
There’d be days I’d show up, stay up, work hard…
There’d be days I don’t show up, struggle showing up, fall short, fail, be disappointed, or disappoint at least one person.
There are times I hold a trophy high and times I say I’m not worthy to be on this ground. No matter what,

I am not to lean in to what I think was my strength that enabled me to attain that victory, stay up, show up, work hard, or win the trophy. I am to understand that I have no strength on my own; yes! THE ONLY GOOD THING IN ME IS GOD! Who am I to think I could eventually figure out what works if there wasn’t a revelation that dawned on me from God’s light? You might not believe it but it is so.

Thinking that I am not good enough. Well, truth is, I really am not good for anything but I have Christ who is ALL in ALL, GOOD and PERFECT. He tells me to TRUST in Him. I am not to define myself by MY strength or MY weakness.
I am not to lean towards any of these sides but to stand IN Christ. I am not to take the glory or beat myself up for how insufficient I am. These are the danger zones, people and in many ways than a hundred, we’re relying on ourselves through life.

This is enough: He is enough and I never get it wrongly when I’m in Christ.

When I look back on issues I’ve had with pride, depression and other ill traits, I realised how much these came from leaning in.
I am still learning to trust God completely at all times. Sometimes, it’s not easy to be steadied in Him, to not trust in our might or be discouraged by/in our weaknesses but His Spirit can help us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus if we ask and trust Him.

I hope you are encouraged knowing that you do not need to rely on yourself (it goes both ways, weakness/strength) but to rely solely on Jesus; in Him.

(Now to history…?)
Do you have those moments where you want to post something, say, a photo on IG and “photo-caption” wise, you find yourself going deeper than you thought? Well, that’s what happened when I wanted to share this photo on IG a week ago. It was meant to be a simple thought but I had 9lines already. I withdrew from posting it and thought it’d be better to do it properly.

I’ve had an experience where I wanted to leave a comment on Kachee’s Blog(if you aren’t following her blog, you’re missing out BIG TIME). It was getting so long and personal I had to pause, write a whole blog post, before coming back to leave my “summarised” comment.

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(She taught me how to do this btw)

PS: I’m not 100% certain if the title should read “the danger of” or “the danger in” or if both would do. Figuring it out/looking it up obviously didn’t help so be kind to drop a comment if you get this properly. Epp a sister ?

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  • Damola A

    I can’t seem to be able to find the Facebook comment option or the WordPress on the mobile site, dont know if it is just me.
    And something related to this hit me today, it was about leadership and getting overwhelmed with people’s expectations or what I think I should be doing but God made me realize that the problem stems from the fact that I leaning on my own strength but Matthew 11:28-30 says otherwise, all that I will ever need is GOD.

    Regarding the last bit, I think both works but I am more likely to say ‘the danger in’

    • Sorry about the facebook issue. I disabled it for a while cos no upgrade has been able to deal with the issue of notifying me of a comment. Except I go through the posts individually again, I wouldn’t be able to see and very importantly, reply comments. I’m sticking with Disqus for now. It’s a once and for all login(if you don’t logout) and it notifies me of comments and readers of replies.

      Thank you, so much Damola. You don’t know the joy that feels me EVERY TIME I get a notification from you. I’ve been so carried away with exams I couldn’t stop to live replies. No matter where we are, God always has His awesome ways of letting His light, truth, and life, find its way to us. Thank God for how His teaching us to trust in Him some more. Thanks for the tip as well!