Lately, I’ve been reliving different periods of my life. Some are so great I wouldn’t mind a repeat and others need a “second look” to find lessons I might have missed. It’s a blessing to have had the mix of great and not so great moments. It creates a balance and reveals the value of resources: time, people, places, and occurrences. It reveals greater strength that we possess and our unique abilities as humans to make adjustments necessary for survival and excellence. Above all, they reveal the supremacy of God and help us experience the sweetness in knowing that we are wrapped up in the arms of the most powerful, most loving, all-knowing, indestructible, One.

We might be approaching a new year but it doesn’t exactly feel like it’s a wrap for me. There are things pertaining to practice, career, family, etc, I wish I could lay to rest once and for all but, nope! they stay lingering like those tough holiday assignments that threaten to ruin the vacation you had been looking forward to.

Inasmuch as I’m still hoping, believing, praying, (sometimes, wishing for) a better, more fruitful life plus more favorable conditions, I’m also learning that I must be an active participant in the issues that concern my life/destiny. I must rise up, seek the truth, and embrace change because I’ve been desperate for it.
Because I seek growth and transformation, that desperate desire must meet readiness!

I must be ready to move out of the comfort zone, to make the right decisions even when they present with more uncertainties than assurances. I must be ready to keep trusting God, face my fears, and give myself to surmounting them. I must be ready to work hard, to sow good seeds even when the atmosphere feels dry and the land tells me it isn’t ready to nourish that which I have. I must remember that I can set the pace of events and ready that difficult, once good-for-nothing land, for sowing that would yield a great harvest.

I must be ready to say “Yes” to the opportunities/challenges I was too afraid to take or foolish enough to turn down and ready to say “No” to anything that doesn’t serve/fuel my purpose. I must be ready to WAIT FOR MY TURN!

There’s so much to learn and drop along the way but if I’m so desperate for change, if I genuinely want more from this life, I have to understand what it calls for, I must have a sense of the price to pay and I have to be ready. No one else can be ready on my behalf. Without that readiness, desperation alone for life transformation would be my free pass to a life of frustration.

No one else can be ready on my behalf. Without that readiness, desperation alone for life transformation would be my free pass to a life of frustration. Click To Tweet

I hope you remember that “better” is possible. I hope you don’t discard seeking truth, growth, facing fears, holding onto faith, in this season and beyond. I hope life challenges you to discover more about who you truly are and what you are graced to do.

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What has your life been like lately?
Do you believe in new year resolutions or goal setting? What new goals have you set for your next season?

I look forward to hearing from you. I ALWAYS do! lol

Have a great weekend.

P.S. Can we just act like I’ve not been away for 7months? We’ll talk about that eventually.

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  • Damola A

    I am glad you are back mama!!! Patiently waiting for the post telling us where you have been for 7 months.My life has been a series of learning, trusting, waiting and hoping for many things to be better. I believe in setting goals or plans for the new year, I also believe in looking at the previous year and evaluating things that happened and how you can make changes.
    This year will be very pivotal for me because I have to make some serious life decisions and try to be an active participant in my life, sometimes I feel I am very gives me some kind of structure, without that many times I don’t know what to do. Anyway, committing everything to God and I trust that He will guide me in the way that I should go.

    Happy New Year!!

    • Damolaaaaaa! Thank you so much. Ah! This “pivotal year”. I felt like I’m the one on the hot seat. I still am though. God will continually guide you through every single moment! EVERY! I’m taking a seat and waiting for your testimonies.
      I love to reevalute and set goals too. I believe it’s important every now and then.
      Thank you for ALWAYS being here.